How To Be Likeable

7 Ways To Instantly Be More Likable

Do you see yourself as a likeable person? What does that adjective mean to you? How do you determine when someone is likeable? If you want to be more likeable yourself, what would you change in order to accomplish that? Click here for some great ideas about that topic…

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Screen Time Family Dilemmas: What to do About it!

I see many parents and children, of all ages, and everyone has struggles with how much screen time children should be allowed to have. This article is by an outstanding clinician who has written many books and who trains countless therapists who work with families and children. Dr. Diane Gehart, Ph.D. has made it easy…

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To Vaccinate Or Not

To Vaccinate or Not

I had Covid last September. My wonderful childhood friend, 66 years of ongoing friendship, passed it on to me, not knowing she had been exposed. She visited me for our annual birthday celebration, and was in my home for less than 24 hours. She had been in a bubble for a year, except for a…

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