Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

Fatherly.Com Contribution: 6 Things You Should Never, Ever Say to Your Partner

All of us get reactive at times, and that’s when we can do real damage to a relationship with the words we might say. Here are the top 6 things you should never say to a partner and what to do instead to keep your cool. Click Here to check out this article I collaborated…

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Fatherly.Com Contribution: When Promises Don’t Pan Out: What to Say When Your Partner Never Follows Through

It’s difficult to start a conversation with a partner who never seems to follow through, in spite of promises to do so. Learn 4 ways to have a productive dialogue about this topic, as I work together with Steve Calechman of to give you some good advice. Click Here to read the article: When…

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Fatherly Tips Confidence

Fatherly.Com Contribution: How to Build Your Confidence: 8 Simple Practices to Try

What’s it like, being a dad? Perhaps there are times you feel inadequate and lack confidence that you are doing a good enough job. Steve Calechman of and I collaborate, giving you 8 tips to increase your parenting self-esteem. Click Here to read the article: How to Build Your Confidence: 8 Simple Practices to…

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Screen Time Family Dilemmas: What to do About it!

I see many parents and children, of all ages, and everyone has struggles with how much screen time children should be allowed to have. This article is by an outstanding clinician who has written many books and who trains countless therapists who work with families and children. Dr. Diane Gehart, Ph.D. has made it easy…

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To Vaccinate Or Not

To Vaccinate or Not

I had Covid last September. My wonderful childhood friend, 66 years of ongoing friendship, passed it on to me, not knowing she had been exposed. She visited me for our annual birthday celebration, and was in my home for less than 24 hours. She had been in a bubble for a year, except for a…

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Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling: Five Red Flags That Say You Need It

The world is ever-changing and so are the expectations of marriage roles. Once upon a time, it was standard for men to provide and women to take care of the home and children. Today, the rules and standards are not so simple, and many couples find themselves struggling to stay committed. In fact, divorcing in…

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Dr. Pam Monday Offers Relationship Advice On The Wellness Plus Podcast

Ryan Kennedy is the host of the Wellness Plus Podcasts featured on YouTube. He interviews professionals providing physical and emotional wellness services. He interviewed Dr. Monday about how to build stronger relationships in a fast food dating culture, including important information on how to communicate with more love and less conflict.

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Loneliness is defined as “how people perceive their experience and whether they feel they lack connections, companionships or a sense of belonging.”  It relates to the quality of relationships, not the size, as people with vast social media networks can feel empty & disconnected.  Chronic loneliness is defined by Italian researcher Capioppo as “a debilitating…

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